VR-4HD: Factory Reset/ Default

Sometimes performing a factory reset is the last resort for troubleshooting. You can return the values of settings on the VR-4HD to their factory defaults. Here are the steps to restore to Factory Default.

  1. Press the "SYSTEM SETUP" button to display the setup screen.

  2. Use the ">" arrow on the touch screen menu to navigate to page "3/3"

  3. Use the "VALUE" knob to navigate to the bottom of the "SYSTEM MENU"

  4. Select "SYSTEM" to display the "SYSTEM" menu.

  5. Select "FACTORY RESET".

  6. A pop up box will appear prompting "ARE YOU SURE?"

  7. Use the "VALUE" knob to select "OK" and Press down the "VALUE" knob to confirm

  8. A factory reset has been executed

  9. Press the "SYSTEM SETUP" button several times to quit the setup screen.



Alternate Method:


and turn on the power, without letting go of the buttons.


Continue to hold down the three buttons until the Roland logo appears
on the screen.

When [parameter initialize] [OK] appears at the top of the
LCD screen and the initial screen appears, the factory reset has finished.

Turn off the power, wait a few seconds, and power on again.

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