DJ-808: Auto Off function (System Setting) PAD 15

Auto Off (Auto shut off) 


1. While holding down the [PANEL] button, press the [POWER] switch to turn on the power.

The DJ-808 is in system setting mode, and the [START/STOP] button of the TR-S section is blinking.

2. Press the TR-S pad or button that corresponds with the setting you want to make.
The display shows the current value.

3. Use the [VALUE] knob to change the value of the setting.


TR-S pad [15]  Default setting in Bold.

Auto Off function setting    On, OFF

When no operation has been performed for a certain length of time, the power turns off automatically.

If you don’t want the power to turn off automatically, set this “OFF.”


4. When you’ve finished making settings, press the blinking [START/STOP] button.
The display shows “U-ait,” and after a while returns to the normal state.
Pad/Button Item Value Explanation

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