VS-1824, VS-1824CD: Could Backup CD Projects Be Transferred/Converted to a Computer?

The VS-1824CD did not have computer integration and backup projects could not be transferred to a computer. The VS recorded in a proprietary audio format created by Roland and the VS recorders don't have WAV conversion functionality--to export your tracks as audio files to a computer. However, a third party developer designed software years ago to convert VS CD backups into WAV files. You may download the software by clicking on the link below:

VS Wave Export Software

Note: Roland is, in no way, affiliated with the VS WAV Export software or it's designers. Please contact the software designers/developers directly for information regarding support and operational questions with this software.


If you still have the VS-1824CD, another option would be to pass audio into computer software in real-time using an audio interface. To accomplish this, the audio outputs of the VS recorder would connect to the inputs of an audio interface:


Note: The SCSI port on the back panel is for connecting an external CD, HDD or Zip drive and does not have computer integration functionality.

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