XS-1HD: Setting the Output Format

Here’s how to specify the output format of the XS-1HD.

  1. Press the [MENU] button
  2. Use the Cursor knob to highlight OUTPUT
  3. In the Output menu go to FORMAT
  4. Use the [VALUE] knob to select the output format
  5. If the message “Keep output format?” appears, use the [CURSOR] knob to select “Yes,” and press
    the [ENTER] button. The output format is switched.
  6. Press the [MENU] button several times to close the menu.

If the mode is on “switcher mode”, the output format of the VIDEO OUTPUT 4 connector is fixed at “1080p/60 Hz.”

Frame rates that can be input and output are “59.94Hz” or “50 Hz.”

When inputting Computer-resolution video, the refresh rate is “60 Hz” regardless of the frame rate.

When outputting Computer-resolution video, if the frame rate setting is “50 Hz,” the refresh rate might be “75 Hz” depending on the output resolution.


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