DJ-202: Factory Reset



Returning to the Factory Settings (Factory Reset)

The system settings and patterns stored in the DJ-202 can be returned to
their factory-set state (factory reset).

1. While holding down the [LOAD] button in the left side (L
channel) of the browser section, use a USB cable to connect
the DJ-202 to your computer, and continue holding down the
[LOAD] button until the SEQUENCER section’s [START/STOP]
button blinks.
* If you decide to cancel the operation, turn off the power.

2. Press the blinking [START/STOP] button.
Factory reset begins.
The MASTER level indicator blinks, and then all buttons and pads are lit.
Never turn off the power while the MASTER level indicator is blinking.

3. After the factory reset is complete, disconnect the USB cable to
power-off the DJ-202.

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