V-1HD: Set to 50Hz and Need to Reset

If you accidently set the V-1HD into 50Hz (PAL) and you don't have any PAL monitors. It will be difficult for you to reset the unit to factory default. Here are some steps to execute a "Blind Factory" reset:

  1. Turn off the V-1HD
  2. Put the T-Bar Fader in the Down position
  3. Turn on the V-1HD
  4. Let the V-1HD boot up (about 30 seconds)
  5. Press and Hold TAP BPM button until it turns green
  6. Press the TRANSFORMER  (DOWN) 50 times
  7. Press the TRANSFORMER  (UP) 1 time
  8. Put the T-Bar fader in the Up position
  9. The Transformer  should be flashing
  10. Press it to execute a Factory Reset

Hope this helps you recover the unit to 59.94Hz (NTSC)

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