VR-09 VR-09B VR-730: MIDI Channels and the "MIDI In Mode" Setting

When connecting the VR-09, VR-09B, or VR-730 to an external MIDI controller, or when using the with a sequencer, the "MIDI In Mode" setting determines how the keyboard will respond. There are three options:

MODE 1: This set all 16 MIDI channels to be a General MIDI (GM) sound source, so it is most useful for using with a sequencer and Standard MIDI Files (SMFs). You are not able to access the main Organ / Piano / Synth sounds that you play from the keyboard of the VR-09/09B/730 in this mode.

MODE 2: Channels 5-10, 12, 14, and 15 will be sent to the Generral MIDI (GM) sound source, and the other channels will be assigned as follows:

MIDI Channel 1: Piano Dual. This is used only if you have a dual sound selected and a Piano sound is assigned to part 2.

MIDI Channel 2: Pedal. This is for playing the organ pedal part.

MIDI Channel 3: Lower part.

MIDI Channel 4: Upper part.

MIDI Channel 11: Drum part

MIDI Channel 13: Reserved (not currently used).

MIDI Channel 16: Control (this is used for transmitting only).

This mode is most useful for sequencing when you wish to use all of the sounds in the VR-09/09B/730.

Keyboard (Mode 3): This mode ignores the MIDI channel you are transmitting on and assigns any incoming MIDI to the Lower part. It is most useful when connecting a second keyboard to the VR-09/09B/730 as it makes setup very simple - just connect the external keyboard via MIDI and activate the Lower part by pressing the SPLIT button. When this is done, the "Upper" part will play on the VR-09 keyboard, and the "Lower" part will play on the external MIDI keyboard.

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