XS-SERIES: Importing Still Image

importing a still image is a useful feature for those that have a need to recall a logo or image when desired. To import an image into your XS-82/83/84 you will need a USB flash drive. If you're using the USB flash memory for the first time with the XS make sure that you format it on the XS.

Prepare the image:

  1. The image needs to follow these parameters:

    * Still images cannot be scaled so make sure you provide a still image whose resolution matches the final format.
  2. Give the still image a file name composed of no more than eight alphanumeric characters, and be sure to append a “.bmp” file extension.

  3. Save the still image in the root directory of the USB flash drive.

  4. Connect the USB flash drive containing the saved still image to the USB MEMORY connector.

  5. Select the [MENU] button > “USB MEMORY” > “LOADSTILL IMAGE” > the destination for saving the still image (1 through 4), then press the [VALUE] dial.

  6. The “LOAD STILL IMAGE” popup appears. The names of the files on the USB flash drive are displayed in the popup.

  7. Select the still image file you want to import, then press the [VALUE] dial.

  8. Check the message and press the [VALUE] dial to confirm.
    It gives you to option to "If you want to quit, press the [EXIT] button."

  9. Once you confirm the still image is imported into the unit

  10. Press the [MENU] button to quit the menu.

Importing still images might result in longer startup times, depending on the image size and the number saved.

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