V-60HD: Recalling Presets from USB Flash Memory Drive

Here's how to recall a preset from a USB Flash Memory drive.

  1. Connect the USB flash drive to the USB MEMORY port.

    * Please be careful to insert USB flash drive into USB port correctly and firmly.

  2. Press the [MENU] button

  3. Use the [VALUE] to select "USB MEMORY"

  4. Press <ENTER>

  5. Use the [VALUE] to select "LOAD PRESET"

  6. With the cursor positioned at “ENTER,” press the [VALUE] knob.

  7. The USB LOAD screen is displayed

  8. Select the file (*.V06) you want to recall, then press the [ENTER] button.

  9. A confirmation message appears.

  10. If you want to cancel the operation, press the [EXIT] button.

  11. Use the [VALUE] knob to select “YES,” then press the [VALUE] knob.

  12. The settings are recalled, and the values in the unit’s preset memories are overwritten.

  13. Press the [MENU] button to quit the menu.
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