AR-2000: Control Input Specifications and Set-Up

The AR-2000 has a fixed voltage capacity of 24V (DC) for control inputs coming from external timing or triggering devices. The AR-2000 responds to an "On/Off" type signal, also known as "Open" or "Close" signals. Devices outputting control inputs other than 24V will need to interface with the AR-2000 via a relay device to convert their control input to the AR-2000�s 24V (DC) input voltage.

Control Input signals can trigger the following commands in the AR-2000: Start, Stop, Exchange, Increment or Decrement. A corresponding terminal for these commands can be found on the AR-2000�s Barrier Strip. A control circuit is wired from one lead of the external timing device to the terminal on the Barrier Strip and another lead from the device to one of the Barrier Strip�s Com Pins. To control phrases with these commands, make sure that "Program Play" is enabled in the Control Set-Up Menu, "4.3 Control In" of the AR-2000.

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