AR-100: Recording Procedure

Use the following procedure to record a Phrase to a PCMCIA card:

1. Connect audio source to the input connectors of the AR-100.

2. Insert a PC card into card slot.

3. Press the Increment/Decrement button to select a phrase that has not been recorded to.

4. Press PLAY while holding down STOP. The PLAY indicator will flash.

5. Input an audio signal from a cassette deck or CD player, etc., and use the INPUT VOLUME to adjust the recording level so that the CLIP indicator do not light (Nominal input level: -10dBm, Maximum input level).

*Press the STOP button and recording standby mode will end.
*If signals louder than -4 dBm are being input, rotate the input volume knob to the left of center.

6. Press the PLAY button and input an audio signal from a cassette deck or CD player, etc., and recording will begin.

*Even after the PLAY button is pressed, recording will not begin until sound is input (trigger recording standby mode).

The PLAY indicator is lit while the trigger recording standby mode.

Recording will begin automatically when the audio signal input AR-100.

7. Press the STOP button and recording will end.

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