AR-2000: Basic Control Paradigm

The following is an abbreviated outline of the controls found on the front panel of the AR-2000 and their related functions:

1. The concentric INPUT VOLUME knobs do the following:

A. The smaller INPUT VOLUME knob controls the input level for the mic input jack on the front panel.

B. The larger INPUT VOLUME knob controls the input level for the line-level input jacks on the back panel.

2. If a PC card is inserted into either A or B PCMCIA slots, pressing the A or B button will eject the card from the respective slot.

3. Pressing the PLAY button causes the selected phrase or pattern to play back.

4. Pressing the STOP button interrupts playback.

5. Pressing both the PLAY and STOP buttons at the same time arms the AR-2000 for recording. Press PLAY again to begin recording, and STOP to end it.

6. Pressing the MODE button enters the user into the programming and editing areas.

7. Pressing the ENTER button finalizes the whole editing process for a particular function.

8. The SELECT dial is used to select new parameters or values by rotating it, or for stepping to other choices by pressing it.

9. The OUTPUT VOLUME knob controls the level coming out of the headphones jack on the front panel.

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