VS-2400 / 2480: .wav/AIFF capabilities of VS-2400 / VS-2480

The VS-2400 and VS-2480 models can import both .wav and AIFF audio file formats into Projects created on the VS units. The appropriate suffix must be appended to the audio file name...i.e. .wav or .aif after the file name. The import CD must be "burned" in an ISO 9660 format(PC) in order for the VS unit to recognize the import CD and read the .wav / .aif formatted files.

Example Names: "BigKick.wav" or "SideStk.aif"

The VS-2400CD and VS-2480HD/CD models can export entire tracks or individual phrases to the .wav file format using the Track Export or Phrase Export operations found in the CD-RW menu options.

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