AR-100, AR-2000: Playing a Sequence of Phrases then Looping Back to the First Phrase

On the AR-2000 you can play a series of phrases (for example, phrases 1-5), then loop back automatically to the first phrase. To do this, make sure that the AR-2000 is set to Program Play in the Control In Mode (4.3). Use the following procedure to set up the AR-2000 for this kind of playback:

1. Press the MODE button.

2. Rotate the SELECT knob to choose "4.3 Control In".

3. Press the SELECT knob.

4. Rotate the SELECT knob to choose "Program Play".

5. Press the SELECT knob again.

6. Press ENTER to confirm the selection.

7. Press MODE to return to the main play screen on the AR-2000.

NOTE: If you wish to perform this kind of playback on an AR-100, you must format the card on the AR-2000 first using the procedure described above.

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