AR-100: Remote Record Capability

The AR-100 is capable of recording via remote control from contact closures. This function is only available for the AR-100 and not the AR-2000. Use the following procedure below for programming the AR-100 to record by remote triggering:

1. Set the Dip Switches on the back of the AR-100 so that Dip Switch 5 is set to OFF and Dip Switch 6 is set to ON. This sets the AR-100 for BINARY playback.

2. Set Dip Switch 8 to ON. (This is typically labeled NOT IN USE.)

3. Configure the PIN assignments for CONTROL B as follows:

PIN 1-8: Phrase Number is set via Binary Control Decimal (BCD) on these pins.
PIN 9: PLAY -- when this pin alone is pulled to ground.
PIN 10: RECORD -- when this pin alone is pulled to ground.
PIN 9-10: DELETE PHRASE -- when both these pins are pulled to ground simultaneously. (Phrase number to be deleted specified by pins 1 - 8.)

NOTE: See Section 3 in the AR-100 Owner�s Manual covering Binary Playback for an example of how to input the data to the Control Pins on Control B.

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