AR-2000: Updating the AR-2000 Using Standard MIDI Files

The ROM version of the AR-2000 can be updated with Standard MIDI Files. This is a convenient method of updating the operating system without having to bring the unit to a service center. Use the following procedure to update the AR-2000 with Standard MIDI Files:

Tools Required:
-AR-2000 version updating disk set
-MIDI sequencer capable of reading Standard MIDI Files.
-MIDI cable

1. Connect the MIDI Out of the sequencer to the MIDI IN of the AR-2000.

2. Press and hold the SELECT knob, then turn the power on to enter the test mode. "NOW DRAM TEST!" and "AR-2000 Ver. 1.xx 1. LCD TEST" will be displayed.

3. Press and hold the STOP button, then press the PLAY button. "BOOT MODE 1.00" will be displayed.

4. Press the MODE button once. "BOOT MODE 1.00 1. MIDI Up Date" will be displayed.

5. Press the ENTER button once. "1. MIDI Up Date play Song No. 1-1" will be displayed.

6. Insert the Updater Disk No. 1 into the sequencer, load Song No. 1-1 and play it. "1. MIDI Up Date No. 1-1 Loading.." will be displayed. When Song No. 1-1 if finished, " MIDI Up Date Play Song No. 1-2" will be displayed.

7. Repeat step 6 for Songs 1-2 thru 1-4. Change disks and repeat step 6 for Songs 2-1 thru 2-4.

8. When all of the songs have been played, "Install System ? Ver 1.xx ® Ver 1.12" will be displayed. Press ENTER.

9. "Now Working..." and then "Install Completed Power On Please" will be displayed.

10. Turn the AR-2000�s power off and then on again. This completes the version update.

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