AE-7000, VM-7100, VM-7200: Connecting the AE-7000 to the VM-7000 Mixer

Note: To connect the VM-7200/7100 and the AE-7000 via R-BUS, a VM-24E I/O Expansion Board (sold separately) must be installed in the VM processor.

1. With the power off to all devices, connect the VM-7200/7100 to the AE-7000 with the R-BUS cable provided with AE-7000.

2. Turn the power on the AE-7000 first, then the VM-7200/7100 processor. Wait for the VM-7200/7100 control status to change to green, then turn on the VM-C7200/C7100 console.

3. Press CLOCK SOURCE on the AE-7000 to R-BUS to set the sampling clock.

Set up the VM-7000 as follows:

4. Hold down SHIFT and press PROJECT on the VM-C7200/C7100 console.

5. Press the DOWN cursor to select the second row of the SYSTEM MENU.

6. Press F1 [DIGITAL I/O].

7. Press the DOWN cursor to select WORD CLOCK SOURCE.

8. Use the V1 knob to select INTERNAL.

9. Press F1 [SET] to confirm the setting.

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