AR-100: MIDI Receive Channel

It is possible to playback phrases on the AR-100 using MIDI commands. In order for this to work, both the sending device and the AR-100 receiving the MIDI message must use the same MIDI channel setting.

To enable to the AR-100 to playback via MIDI commands, use the following procedure:

1. While holding down the PLAY button, insert the PC card into the card slot on the front panel.

2. The MIDI indicator will blink, and the display will indicate the MIDI Receive channel number.

3. Press the INCREMENT/DECREMENT button to select the desired channel. If messages for any MIDI channel are to playback phrases, select the "ALL" setting in the display.

4. If MIDI messages are not to cause playback of any phrase, select the "OFF" setting.

5. Press the PLAY button to set the specified MIDI Receive channel. Note that pressing the STOP button will cancel the procedure.

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