AR-2000: Formatting a PCMCIA Card

Before a new Flash Disk card or one that has been used with another device can be used with the AR-2000, it must be formatted. Formatting will erase all data that was in the Flash Disk card. Use the following procedure to format a PCMCIA Card:

1. Make sure that no PC cards are inserted into the card slots A/B.

2. Turn the power switch on.

3. Press MODE.

4. Use the SELECT knob to select �3.2 Format� and press the SELECT knob.

5. Insert the Flash Disk card that you wish to format into card slot A (or B).

6. Use the SELECT knob to select �Card A,� and press ENTER.

7. Press the SELECT knob.

8. Use the SELECT knob to select the maximum number of phrases (250/500).

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