AR-2000: Formatting a PCMCIA Card

Before a new Flash Disk card or one that has been used with another device can be used with the AR-2000, it must be formatted. Formatting will erase all data that was in the Flash Disk card. Use the following procedure to format a PCMCIA Card:

1. Make sure that no PC cards are inserted into the card slots A/B.

2. Turn the power switch on.

3. Press MODE.

4. Use the SELECT knob to select “3.2 Format” and press the SELECT knob.

5. Insert the Flash Disk card that you wish to format into card slot A (or B).

6. Use the SELECT knob to select “Card A,” and press ENTER.

7. Press the SELECT knob.

8. Use the SELECT knob to select the maximum number of phrases (250/500).

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