AR-100: Achieving Long Recording Times for Phrases

The maximum recording time available on a PC card is determined by the the size of the card formatted, the RDAC-Mode and the RDAC-Grade used. To achieve very long recording times on a card, use a combination of either RDAC-Mode 1 or RDAC-MODE 2 and either RDAC-Grade Long 1 or Long 2. The following provides on overview of available MONO recording times when formatting a 40MB PC card in the AR-100:

1. RDAC Grade High (44.1Khz):
RDAC-Mode 1=Approx. 15 min., 48 sec.
RDAC-Mode 2=Approx. 10 min., 32 sec.

2. RDAC Grade Standard (32kHz):
RDAC-Mode 1=Approx. 21 min., 47 sec.
RDAC-Mode 2=Approx. 14 min., 17 sec.

3. RDAC Grade Long 1 (22.05kHz):
RDAC-Mode 1=Approx. 32 min., 8 sec.
RDAC Mode 2=Approx., 21 min., 5 sec.

4. RDAC Grade Long 2 (16kHz):
RDAC-Mode 1=Approx. 43 min., 35 sec.
RDAC-Mode 2=Approx. 28 min., 3 sec.

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