AR-100: Interval Playback

Interval Playback allows a specified phrase to be played back at fixed intervals. The playback interval is fixed for each connector pin. Each phrase 1-9 can be assigned to each of the 1-9 Control I/O Connector Pins.

1-9: Playback the phrase that was specified for the pin on which the control signal was input.

The following are pin numbers for specified intervals:

Pin Playback
No. Interval

1 1 Sec.

2 5 Secs.

3 10 Secs.

4 15 Secs.

5 20 Secs.

6 1 Min.

7 5 Mins.

8 15 Mins.

9 30 Mins.

STOP: When a control signal is input during phrase playback, phrase playback will be interrupted.

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