AR-100: Recording MIDI Messages

In addition to recording and playing back audio data, the AR-100 is also able to record/playback MIDI messages. To record MIDI messages the Time Base is fixed at 192. The Time Base setting (called Resolution on some devices) determines the timing precision at which MIDI messages will be recorded. This differs between devices.

To record MIDI Messages perform the following procedure:

1. Connect a MIDI sequencer or MIDI keyboard etc. to the MIDI IN connector of AR-100.

2. Insert a PC card into the card slot.

3. Press the Increment Up/Down buttons to select non-recording phrase.
The non-recording phrase number in display will flash.
If you are re-recording over a previously recorded phrase, you should first use Delete Phrase (pg. 14).

4. While holding down the STOP button, press the PLAY button (Recording standby mode). The PLAY indicator will flash while in the recording standby mode.

5. Hold down the Increment up button for at least 5 seconds.
The MIDI indicator is lit (MIDI recording mode).
*Recording will begin when a System Realtime message �Start� (FAH) is received from the connect MIDI device.

6. Press the PLAY button and recording will begin, then input a MIDI message from a MIDI sequencer, MIDI keyboard, etc.

The dots in the display will flash while recording.

7. Press the STOP button and recording will end.

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