AR-100: Updating the AR-100 with a Memory Card

Use the following procedure to prepare a memory card and update the AR-100:

Preparing the Version Up Card:

1. Power on while holding the DOWN ARROW button. The screen will display the current version.

2. Press STOP, the screen will display “t-1.”

3. While holding STOP, press PLAY. The screen will display “bot.”

4. Use the DOWN ARROW to select “b-2.”

5. Press the UP ARROW to select “Crd.”

6. Insert the card into the card slot.

7. Press the UP ARROW.

8. Remove the card when the screen displays “End.”

Updating the system using the updater card:

1. Power on while holding the DOWN ARROW button. Check the current version.

2. Power off and on.

3. Insert the updated system card into the card slot.

4. Press the UP ARROW button.

5. Power off and on after the screen displays “End.”

Note: Make sure that the updater card is formatted on the older system to work properly.

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