AR-2000: Triggering Phrases Sequentially from One Set of Contact Closures

It is possible to set-up the AR-2000 for sequential triggering of phrases using one contact closure made to Pin 13/Start and a Com Pin. In order for the contact closure to playback and advance phrases you must set up certain internal programming within the AR-2000. Use the following procedures for setting up sequential playback on the AR-2000:

1. Press MODE.

2. Rotate the SELECT Dial to choose �4.3 Control In�.

3. Press the SELECT Dial.

4. Rotate the SELECT Dial to choose �Program Play�.

5. Press the SELECT Dial.

6. Press ENTER to save the changes.

7. Press MODE to return to the main phrase screen.

NOTE: To trigger each phrase, establish a closure between Pin 13/Start and one of the available
Com Pins. Each contact closure will advance and playback the phrase.

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