AR-2000: Triggering Phrases Sequentially from One Set of Contact Closures

It is possible to set-up the AR-2000 for sequential triggering of phrases using one contact closure made to Pin 13/Start and a Com Pin. In order for the contact closure to playback and advance phrases you must set up certain internal programming within the AR-2000. Use the following procedures for setting up sequential playback on the AR-2000:

1. Press MODE.

2. Rotate the SELECT Dial to choose “4.3 Control In”.

3. Press the SELECT Dial.

4. Rotate the SELECT Dial to choose “Program Play”.

5. Press the SELECT Dial.

6. Press ENTER to save the changes.

7. Press MODE to return to the main phrase screen.

NOTE: To trigger each phrase, establish a closure between Pin 13/Start and one of the available
Com Pins. Each contact closure will advance and playback the phrase.

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