AR-2000: Set-Up for Triggering Messages Incrementally Using Barrier Strip Contacts

A common use for the AR-2000 can be found in systems requiring playback of phrases at fixed intervals triggered from an external timing device (Public Address Systems for example). These particular set-ups use control signals from a timer sent to the AR-2000 to trigger playback of phrases. The AR-2000 is programmed to advance to the next phrase after it receives the control signal from the timer. The control signals sent to the AR-2000 from a timing device are interfaced via its Barrier Strip. Use the following procedure to program the AR-2000 for playback and connection for this configuration:

NOTE: You will need to have a PC card inserted into the AR-2000 before programming. You can playback phrases recorded on a card formatted on either an AR-100 or an AR-2000.

1. Press MODE.

2. Use the SELECT dial to choose "4.3 Control In".

3. Press the SELECT dial.

4. Use the SELECT dial to choose "Program Play".

5. Press the SELECT dial.

6. Press ENTER to save the change.

NOTE: To trigger playback on the AR-2000 from an external timer, make a connection between the control outputs of the timer to the Start Terminal (#13) and to the first Com Pin Terminal on the AR-2000�s Barrier Strip.

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