AR-2000: Updating the AR-2000 Using a Memory Card

Use the following procedure to prepare a memory card and update the AR-2000:

Preparing the Version Up Card:

1. Power on while holding SELECT. The screen will display the current version.

2. While holding STOP press PLAY. The screen will display �BOOT MODE 1.00.�

3. Use the MODE button to select �2. CARD Save.�

4. Press ENTER, the screen will display �Save Ver. 1.00 - Insert CARD.�

5. Insert the card into slot A, the screen will display �Save Ver. 1.00 - Push ENTER.�

6. Press ENTER.

Updating the system using the updater card:

1. Power on the AR-2000.

2. Insert the updated system card into slot A.

3. Press ENTER.

4. When the screen displays �Install Completed - Power On Please� turn on the power off then on.

Note: Make sure that the updater card is formatted on the older system to work properly.

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