DUO-CAPTURE MK2, UA-11 MK2: Microphone Setup

The following article will guide you through connecting and setting up a microphone with the DUO-CAPTURE.

Note: The DUO-CAPTURE driver must be installedprior to following the instructions below. You may download and install the driver for your computer's operating system here:

DUO-CAPTURE Downloads(Installation instructions are included in the download)

  1. Connect the DUO-CAPTURE to your computer via USB. Be sure to connect directly to the computer and not through a USB hub.
  2. Connect the microphone to the MIC/GUITAR input of the DUO-CAPTURE.
    The DUO-CAPTURE does not supply "Phantom Power" or "Plug-in Power". If you are using a condenser or electret microphone that require phantom power or plug-in power, this will need to be supplied externally. Check the documentation of the microphone to determine if the microphone you are using requires external power to operate.
    - Do not connect a microphone to the LINE IN jack.
  3. If the microphone has an ON/OFF switch, set this to ON.
  4. Set the INPUT MONITOR switch to its inward pressed position (pressed in).
  5. Set the Hi-Z and INPUT GAIN switches to their outward position (not pressed in).
  6. Bring the OUTPUT LEVEL of the DUO-CAPTURE down.
  7. Connect either headphones to the PHONES jack or speakers to the LINE OUT jack. If using speakers, turn them on and their volume up.
  8. While talking or singing into the microphone, bring up the INPUT LEVEL until the PEAK light blinks occasionally.
  9. Slowly bring up the OUTPUT LEVEL to hear the microphone.
  10. You may now setup the DUO-CAPTURE within the recording software of your choice. Check the documentation of the software or contact the software manufacturer for audio interface setup instructions for their software. If you're using the included Sonar X1 LE software, the following video tutorial will guide you through this:
    Sonar X1 LE Driver Setup and Recording a Track
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