VS-2000CD, VS-2000: SYMPTOM: CD Burning Issues

The three most common reasons for CD burning issues are:

  1. Low quality CD-R/RW discs
    Note: Most of the time, this is the source of the problem
  2. A malfunctioning CD/DVD drive
  3. Hard-drive fragmentation

The following information may help you pinpoint and resolve your problem.

Approximately 90% of the correspondence we receive regarding failed burns are due to error-prone CD-R media. Because we insist our products create pressing plant-ready CD masters, only specific CD-R brands have a satisfactorily low error rate to burn properly. Look for CD-Rs manufactured at the Taiyo Yuden plant in Japan. If the CD-Rs say "MADE IN JAPAN" anywhere on the packaging, they should work just fine. Below are a few brands that we have had good success with:
Taiyo Yuden, Discmakers, Microboards, Plextor, Apogee, BASF, HHB, and Mitsui Gold.

Avoid common off the shelf, low quality and error prone CDs such as Memorex, TDK, Maxell, Sony, Imation and Verbatum.

Try playing a commercially produced CD (not a CD burned from the unit) using the recorder's CD Player feature. If that works but you are unable to burn a CD, the CD drive is most likely functioning as it should but the hard drive may be fragmented (information is given below). If you can’t perform either of these operations, your recorder may need service. To get your Roland product serviced, you have two options:
    a. You can use our Service Center Locator at to locate an authorized Roland Service Center in your area: Service Center Locator
    b. To send the product to the Ontario, CA facility, you must first obtain a Return Authorization number (RA).  You can do so by using our online service request form at the following link:
Service Request Form

Additional service rate information can be found here:
Service and Repair Information

The only way to defragment a hard drive is to re-format the drive. This erases all of its data, and returns the drive to its original, non-fragmented state. The following article will guide you through formatting the hard drive:
Formatting the Hard Drive

CAUTION: Formatting a hard drive erases ALL of the data/recordings on the drive.

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