A-80, A-50: Loading SYSEX data into Patch

Patch data of sound modules, or other system exclusive MIDI data may be stored in a Patch of the A-50/80.

Use the following procedure to turn the memory protect off:

1. Press MENU button under View.

2. Press MENU button under Protect.

3. Press DEC/NO to turn memory protect off.

4. Press MENU button under Prev.

5. Press MENU button under Roland symbol to get back to the Default Patch display.

Use the following procedure to load System Exclusive data into a patch:

1. Press EDIT so it is lit.

2. Connect the MIDI device you wish to record the System Exclusive data from to the IN 2 (Remote) MIDI input.

3. Start System Exclusive dump from the external (source) device.

4. Press EDIT so it is not lit after transmission is completed.

* If the A-50�s memory is filled before the System Exclusive message is finished loading, the received incomplete file will be deleted and "Not enough memory" will be displayed.

** Refer to pages 40 and 41 of the manual of the A-50. There was a misprint on the page #41 in the step #5 suggesting to use MIDI IN #1. The correct MIDI IN would be #2 (REMOTE) as it shows in the manuals printed in 1988.

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