A-30, A-33: Activating Modulation and Pitch Bend Messages

The factory setup of Patch #1 does not transmit pitch bend or modulation messages (it was created for a piano sound which doesn�t require these types of messages). If you would like to transmit modulation and pitch bend information on Patch #1, use the following procedure:

1. Press EDIT followed by MIDI/PARAM.

2. Press #1 then #8 and ENTER.

3. Press the EDIT button again to return to play mode.

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    Joe Esposito

    I have a Roland a-30 midi controller that I use with a Yamaha motif rack mount module. I ca play and change sounds from the motif but can't figure out how to change the patches from the Roland midi controller. The motif midi is on transmit and receive channel 1 and patch changes are on but nothing happens when I'm in multi mode on the motif and as soon as I switch from part one to part two it only plays part one. As I go through each parameter on the key board meaning 1-32 it will play general midi sounds but not patch changes. The instructions in the manual aren't working for me. I don't know how to assign each midi channel to each parameter meaning 1-16 any info would be greatly appreciated. I love the keyboard

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    yermia natanael

    i have a roland exr7, if i play 15 minute sound change like bender (mudulatiom) but i dont use this tool. i was turn off and turn on again but. i play sound change like i use bender tool
    please help me to dissapear this sound in my keyboard

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