A-37: Setting the MIDI Transmit Channels

The A-37 can transmit on up to two MIDI channels (Upper and/or Lower). Use the following procedure to set the MIDI channel for each zone:

1. Press DATA (under EDIT) so it is lit.

2. Press UPPER or LOWER (under KEYBOARD MODE) to select the zone you wish to work with.

3. Press the A/B button.

4. Use the DOWN and UP buttons to select the desired MIDI channel and MIDI OUT socket (A or B). For example, 15b indicates MIDI channel 15 going out MIDI OUT B.

Note: The UPPER zone for most preset patches is assigned to MIDI channel 1 and LOWER zone is assigned to MIDI channel 2.

5. Press DATA so it is not lit.

Note: If you wish to keep the new settings, you must write the Patch into memory.

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