A-30: Assigning the Data Entry Slider

You can use the data entry slider to send a number of different MIDI messages. Use the following procedure to assign the data entry slider on the A-30:

1. Press PATCH so it is not lit.

2. Press the EDIT LOWER or UPPER button to choose the appropriate zone.

3. Press the DATA ENTRY ASSIGN button.

4. Enter the desired MIDI Controller or parameter value using the numbers on the bottom left numbered 1 thru 0. (i.e. 1 then 5 for 15.)

5. Press ENTER.

Here are some popular controller numbers:
1 - Modulation
2 - Breath Controller
5 - Portamento Time
7 - Volume
10 - Pan
11 - Expression
91 - Reverb Level
93 - Chorus Depth

Note: You will need to make sure that the MIDI module you are controlling will recognize the controller you are sending from the A-30.

6. If you wish to save this setting, hold WRITE and press the desired patch location to store the new setup (1-32).

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