A-30, AX-1: Transmitting Bank Select and Program Change Messages in Realtime

Use the following procedure to select sounds on an external MIDI module or keyboard with Bank Select and Program Change messages:

1. Press PATCH so the light is not lit.

2. Press the EDIT LOWER or UPPER button to choose the appropriate zone to send these messages.

3. Press the CC 00 button.

4. Type the desired CC 00 value (Bank select MSB) using the buttons numbered 1 thru 0 (i.e. 1 followed by 5 for 15).

5. Press ENTER.

6. Press the CC 32 button.

7. Type the desired CC 32 value (Bank select LSB) using the buttons numbered 1 thru 0.

8. Press ENTER.

9. Press the PC button.

10. Type the desired Program Change value using the buttons numbered 1 thru 0.

11. Press ENTER.

If you would like to save these settings as a Patch:

1. While holding WRITE, press the desired patch location to store this new setup (1 thru 32).

The A-30 can transmit on up to two MIDI channels (Upper and/or Lower). The Keyboard Mode buttons are used to choose active zones. If you are editing the Upper, be sure the Upper Keyboard Mode is also lit .

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