A-880: Mixing MIDI IN’s

The mixing function of the A-880 allows you to mix the MIDI messages of the base MIDI IN (Control In) with the messages of another MIDI IN. Use the following procedure to connect the MIX inputs:

  1. Hold SCAN/MIX and press INPUT/BANK for the MIDI IN you wish to mix.
  2. Press the OUTPUT/NUMBER for the MIDI OUT�s where the mixed messages are to be sent.

NOTE: The Mixing function does not allow you to input MIDI clock messages from the two MIDI IN�s at the same time. The MIDI IN where the MIDI clock messages are input flashes. To select another MIDI IN: Press the INPUT/BANK which you have assigned in step (1) while holding the SCAN/MIX.

NOTE: Be sure to complete the above steps within 15 seconds otherwise the unit will go back to the Signal or Scan mode.

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