U-220: Loading MIDI SysEx Data

Use the following procedure to load MIDI sysex data into the U-220:

1. Turn the U-220 on.
2. Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI out of the sending device to the MIDI in of the U-220.
3. Begin sending data from the external MIDI device. When data is being received by the U-220, the display will read: "Receiving SysEx."

When the display returns to the patch window, VALUE up or down to confirm that new data has loaded in. If you do not have the new patches, use the following steps to confirm that the U-220 is properly set-up to accept sysex MIDI data:

1. Press EDIT.

2. CURSOR to "Setup" and press ENTER.

3. CURSOR to "MIDI" and press ENTER.

4. CURSOR to "RX SysEx = ?" and use the VALUE buttons to select "On."

5. CURSOR to "RXSysEx Device ID = ?" and use the VALUE buttons to select "17."

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