A-37: Programming the DATA ENTRY Slider

The DATA ENTRY Slider can be assigned to any of the 127 MIDI controllers. (By default, it controls volume.) Use the following procedure to set up the DATA ENTRY Slider as desired:

1. Press CONTROL so it�s lit��dEn� flashes briefly in the display.

2. Press the KEYBOARD MODE LOWER or UPPER button to select the zone you wish to control.

3. Use the 0-9 buttons, followed by ENTER, to select the desired controller number. For example, to select Controller 91, press 9 and 1, followed by ENTER.

Some popular choices for controllers are:

� 1�Modulation
� 5�Portamento Time
� 7�Volume
� 10�Pan
� 11�Expression
� 91�Reverb Depth

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