A-90, A-90EX: Loading the A-90/EX Operating System

Use the following procedure to update the operating system of the A-90/EX through MIDI.

Note: This procedure will erase the contents of the user memory of the A-90/EX. As necessary, save the user memory to a memory card or to a sequencer via system exclusive before proceeding.

1. Load the _00001.MID MIDI file into your sequencer.

2.Power off the A-90/EX.

3. Connect ¼� cables to the HOLD and FS1 jacks of the A-90/EX.

4. Connect the MIDI OUT of the sequencer to the MIDI IN2 of the A-90/EX.

5. While holding down the OUT 1 button, turn the power on.

6. The LCD should display �UPDATA [******-*].�

7. Playback the first .MID file (_00001.MID).

8. After the sequence has completed playback, press ENTER on the A-90/EX.

9. After �B1: CE9A Update?� is displayed, press ENTER again.

10. After �Erase -> Write -> CE9A-CE9A OK� is displayed, press ENTER.

11. Repeat steps 8-11 with MIDI files �_00002 - 00008.�

12. After the last file has been completed and verified, turn off the A-90/EX.

13. Hold down the MANUAL button and turn the power on to enter the Factory Reset mode.

14. Press ENTER to complete the initialization.

NOTE: If you are not able to operate the BENDER/MODULATION lever after following the above procedure, you may need to reassign this controller to its initial settings. Use the following procedure:

1. Press EDIT so that it is lit.

2. Move the BENDER/MODULATION lever to the right and use the VALUE INC/DEC buttons to select �Ch.M > PITCH BEND.�

3. Move the BENDER/MODULATION lever forward and use the VALUE INC/DEC buttons to select �CC > MOD :1.�

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