A-70, A-90: System Version and the VE-GSPro

The operation of an A-70 or A-90 and an installed VE-GSPro expansion board varies depending on the current ROM version. Once a VE-GSPro is installed, you can check the latest as well as previous versions in the window that appear when the A-70�s or A-90�s power is turned on.

If "Expandable Controller Roland A-70 (A-90) with VE-GSPro" is displayed, the following applies:

1. The effect-related functions included with the VE-GSPro, and

2. All Patch names are displayed on the controller�s display.

If "Expandable Controller Roland A-70 (A-90) with VE-GS2" is displayed, the following applies:

1. Although all the Patches can be selected using Program Changes and Bank Select messages, some Patch names are not displayed, and

2. The Multi-Effects (EFX) settings window is not accessible

It is necessary to update the A-70/90 to in order to take advantage of the added VE-GSPro features.

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