AT-80s: Saving a Recorded Song to Disk

Use the following procedure to save a recorded song to disk:

1. Record a song as described under �Recording a Song.�

2. Insert a formatted disk in the drive.

Note: Make sure the disk was formatted on an AT-90S/80S/60S (Refer to the Owner�s Manual, pp. 82�83 for more information.)

3. Touch REC/PLAY on the screen.

4. Touch UTILITY on the screen.

5. Touch SAVE/DELETE on the screen.

6. Touch CURSOR UP or DOWN on the screen to select a song destination.

Note: Empty song destinations are displayed as �- -�

7. Touch SAVE on the screen.

8. Touch ORIGINAL on the screen to save your song in Atelier format (or press SMF on the screen to save your song in SMF format.)

Note: Songs saved in ORIGINAL format will only play on Atelier Organs; Songs saved in SMF (Standard MIDI File) format will play on any SMF compatible instrument, regardless of manufacturer.

9. Touch EXIT on the screen to return to the main menu.

Refer to the Owner�s Manual, pp. 139�140 for more information.

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