A-37: Selecting Sounds with Program Change Messages

Use the following procedure to select a sound in a MIDI sound module from the A-37:

1. Locate the PRG CHG button beneath EDIT. If the button is lit, press it so it�s not lit.

2. Locate�but don�t yet press�the PRG CHG button beneath PATCH/PARAMETER.

3. Press the PRG CHG button beneath EDIT so it�s lit, and immediately press PRG CH beneath PATCH/PARAMETER��Pc� briefly flashes in the display.

4. Press the KEYBOARD MODE LOWER or UPPER button to select the desired zone.

5. Use the buttons numbered 0-9, followed by ENTER to select the desired program change number. For example, to select 114, press 1, 1, and 4, followed by ENTER.

Note: The A-37 defaults to General MIDI settings. If you have a GM-compatible sound module, the A-37 calls up sounds as soon as you power it up.

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