A-49: Operating Modes

The A-49 has four operating modes:

  •  Play Mode: This is the mode that is automatically selected when you power on the A-49. You can play a connected sound module or sounds in a computer using the MIDI or USB connection, and also use the controllers (bender, d-beam, pedals, etc.) with their default settings.
  • Function Mode: Press the FUNCTION button to enter this mode. You can then use the A-49 keyboard to make settings or transmit MIDI messages.
  • SuperNATURAL mode: Press the SuperNATURAL button to enter this mode. SuperNATURAL mode sets the controllers on the A-49 to specific MIDI Controllers that match up with Roland's SuperNATURAL products (like the Integra-7 sound module).
  • MIDI Visual Control Mode: Hold FUNCTION and press the SuperNATURAL button to enter this mode. Entering this mode allows the A-49 to control video devices that support the MVC protocol.
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