BK-7M: Recording to BK-7M

Here are the basic steps for recording on the BK-7M:

1. Connect the USB memory to which you wish to save the audio data.

2. Prepare everything you want to record:

• Select the Music Style or song you want to use as accompaniment

• Set the levels and effects, etc.

• If desired, connect an audio device (instrument, microphone etc) to the Audio Input (left and right) jacks on the back of the BK-7M

3. Set the desired balance between the Music Style/song and the real-time parts using the BALANCE knob. You can also set the level of the external signal using the AUDIO IN knob.

4. Press the AUDIO REC button (its indicator flashes).

5. Press the START/STOP button. The indicators of the AUDIO REC and START/STOP buttons light and the BK-7M starts playing back the selected Music Style or song and recording. Everything you play (on a connected instrument) is recorded.

6. At the end of the song, press the AUDIO REC or START/STOP button to stop recording.


If you are happy with the recording you will need to save it:

1. The BK-7M will suggest a name, if you want to name your new song, proceed with step (2). If you are happy with the name suggested by the BK-7M, simply press the [WRITE] button.

2. Rotate the dial to select a different character, then press the dial to confirm your selection.

3. Rotate the dial to select the next character position you want to change, then press the dial. You can also press the ONE TOUCH [1] button to delete the selected character, or the [2] button to insert a character.

4. Repeat steps (2) and (3) to complete the name.

5. Press the WRITE button (its indicator flashes) to save your recording under the new name and to return to the main page.

Once you have saved the file, you can then remove the USB key and connect it to a computer. The audio file will be in the "My Recordings" folder on the USB key. This is a WAV file, which is a standard audio format that you can use with a computer.

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