BK-7M: How to create a new Performance memory

1) Select a Music Style or Song 
2) Select and edit all settings you would like to use for this Music Style or Song. (You can, for instance, assign the desired tones to the real-time parts, switch on the intro button, modify the "Performance Edit" settings, etc.)
3) Press the [Write] button to jump to the "Write Performance" page. 
4) Rotate the cursor dial to select the desired character, then press the dial. 
5) Rotate the cursor dial to select the next character position you want to change, then press the dial. 
6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 to enter the remaining characters. 
7) Press the [Write} button to save your settings, thereby creating a new Performance memory. This new performance memory is added at the end of the currently selected Performance List.

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