GR-55: Setting the Pickup Sensitivity

Adjusting the GK pickup sensitivity settings in the GR-55 is crucial for optimum tracking results. Use the following steps to adjust the string sensitivity.

1. Press the EDIT button.

2. Press the PAGE right arrow button to the select the SYSTEM tab.

3. Cursor to "GK SETTING," and then press ENTER.

Selecting the pickup type:

1. Press PAGE left or right to select the PU (for "Pickup") tab.

2. Cursor to "PU TYPE."

3. Turn the dial select the type of 13-pin pickup system that's installed in your guitar—GK-2, GK-3 etc.

Note: If you're using a piezo pickup system, select the appropriate piezo manufacturer:

  • Fishman—Piezo F
  • Graphtech—Piezo G
  • LR Baggs—Piezo L
  • RMC—Piezo R
  • General Piezo—Piezo

Adjusting string sensitivity:

1. Press PAGE left or right to select the SEN tab.

2. Cursor to "1ST STRING SENS."

3. Play the first string (High E) repeatedly with the maximum amount of force you would use during your actual performance. Observe the level meter as it moves from left to right.

4. Turn the dial to increase or decrease the sensitivity. The level should reach up to about the "NUA" tab at the top of the display.

5. Cursor down to the second string and repeat Step 4.

6. Repeat the process for each of the remaining strings.

Note: It's normal to have different sensitivity number values for each string. Just be sure that the strings' level meters are even with each other.

7. When you're finished, press EXIT twice—the new settings are saved automatically.

Additional details regarding the sensitivity are available on page 10 and 75 in the GR-55 Owner's Manual.

The GR-55 Owner's Manual can be downloaded from our website here:

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