TD-1K: Adjusting the Sensitivity of the Pads

It's possible to adjust the sensitivity for each of the TD-1K's pads. From the factory, the sensitivity has already been optimized for each pad, however adjusting it further can be helpful to conform to your particular playing style. 

1. Turn on the TD-11K's power.

2. Press and hold the metronome button until the red "Drums" indicator is flashing.

3. Hit the pad that you'd like to adjust.

4. Press the (+) or ( - ) button to change the value - (1-32). A lower value makes the pad less sensitive. A higher value makes the pad more sensitive.

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for any other pads if desired.

6. Press the metronome button when you're finished. The new settings are saved automatically.



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