TD-1K: Setting the Trigger Type for a Pad

For optimum trigger results, it's best to match the Trigger Type with the type of pad being used. Doing so "tells" the TD-1K what type of pad is connected to the input and automatically optimizes the sensitivity settings for that pad. These settings are already in place from the factory, however if you have upgraded the snare pad to a PDX-6 or PDX-8  or the kick pad to a KD-9 for example, you'll want to setup the Trigger Type for them. 

Here's how: 

1. Press the SELECT button so that the red Drums indicator is lit. 

2. Press and hold the metronome button until the Drum indicator begins flashing. 

3. Release the metronome button, and then press the SELECT button until the red Tempo indicator is flashing. 

4. Hit the pad that you want to set the Trigger Type for. (For example, hit the snare pad). 

5. Press the (+) or ( - ) buttons to choose the Trigger Type :

"1" = TD-1K /KV default settings

"2" = KD-9

"S1" = TD-1K Default for snare pad

"S2" = When using a PDX series pad for the snare.  

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