TM-2: Assigning Instruments to Pads/Triggers

Here's how to assign different instruments for each pad/trigger that you have connected to the TM-2.

1. Press the + or - button to choose the Kit that you would like to edit (There are 99 Kits in the TM-2).

2. Press the INST button.

3. Hit the pad that you'd like to assign an instrument to.

4. Press the + or - button to choose the instrument.  If you have loaded your own sounds onto an SD card, press the + button until you pass the factory sounds (beyond 162) to access them.

Tip: To scroll through the sounds quickly, you can press the + and - buttons together. You can also press and hold the SHIFT button while pressing the + or - buttons which selects each instrument category.

5. Once you have chosen the instrument, repeat Steps 3 and 4 for any remaining pads that you have connected.

6. Press the INST button when you're finished. The new settings are saved in the Kit automatically. 



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