TM-2: Selecting the Basic MIDI Channel

From the factory, the TM-2 is set to MIDI Channel 10. You can change this to any other MIDI channel that you like however (1-16), and may need to do so to match the external device that you're connecting to through MIDI.  

Here's how to set the basic MIDI channel:

1. Press and hold the SHIFT button, and then press the INST button. 

2. Press the right arrow button (>) once to select "SYSTEM,' and then press + (ENTER). 

3. Press (>) repeatedly until "MIDI Ch" appears in the display.

4. Press the + or - buttons to select the desired channel (OFF, 1-16). Tip: If you do not want to send/receive MIDI data from the TM-2, choose "OFF."

5. Press the INST button twice when you're finished. The new setting is saved automatically.


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