TM-2: Formatting the SD Card

You can use an SD card in the TM-2 to backup your settings, or to play .WAV files by hitting the pads/triggers. Before an SD card can be used in the TM-2, it must be formatted first. Here are the steps to format an SD card: 

CAUTION: Formatting the SD card permanently erases ALL data on the card. Be sure to save any data onto your computer before following these steps.

1. Check the SD card and confirm that the sliding "lock" switch is not set to the Lock position.  

2. Insert your SD card into the card slot on the front panel of the TM-2.

3. Press and hold the SHIFT button and then press the INST button.

4. Press the right arrow button (>) repeatedly until "SD CARD FORMAT" appears in the display.

5. Press the + button (ENTER) - "SD CARD FORMAT SURE?" appears in the display.

6. Press the + button. "ARE YOU SURE" appears.

7. Press the "2" button.


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